Monday, July 6, 2015

Africa East-Asian Affairs

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University just published the June 2015 (issues 1 and 2) African East-Asian Affairs and China Monitor.  It contains the following contributions:

--The 'Fong Kong' Phenomenon in Botswana: A Perspective on Globalization from Below by Zi Yanyin
--From Humanitarianism to Trade Promotion: The Changing Emphasis of Japanese Development Co-operation to Africa by Shoko Yamada
--AU-China Peace and Security Co-operation: RECs, CSOs, and Think Tanks for the Win by Lina Benabdallah
--African Soft Power in China by Adams Bodomo
--The Effectiveness of Confucius Institutes as a Tool of China's Soft Power in South Africa by Maddalena Procopio
--Enduring Silk Ties by Mandira Bagswandeen
--China's Silk Road Economic Belt: African Perspectives and Implications by Bob Wekesa
--African Agency in the Context of China-Africa Relations by Lucy Corkin

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