Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Complicated Political Web and Wagner Group in Central African Republic

 World Politics Review published on 31 January 2023 an analysis titled "Wagner Is Only One Piece in Central African Republic's Messy Puzzle" by Vianney Ingasso, investigative reporter for Bangui's Radio Ndeke Luka, Marcel Plichta, doctoral candidate at the University of St. Andrews, and John Lechner, researcher and writer on Central Africa.  

This is an analysis of the complex struggle for power in the Central African Republic and the role of the Wagner Group, Russia's mercenary organization.  The authors conclude that Wagner's 1200 mercenaries have shifted the military balance of power in the CAR government's favor for the first time in years.  Russian advisers wield influence and perhaps reap the financial benefits of mineral extraction but they have not yet translated these gains into substantial foreign policy wins for the Kremlin.