Thursday, March 14, 2024

Russia and China Lead Disinformation Campaigns in Africa

 The Africa Center for Strategic Studies published on 13 March 2024 a report titled "Mapping a Surge of Disinformation in Africa."

The Washington-based Africa Center documented 189 disinformation campaigns in Africa during 2023.  Russia was the primary sponsor, running 80 documented campaigns targeting more than 22 countries.  This represented nearly 40 percent of all disinformation campaigns in Africa.  The Communist Party of China was the second most prolific Africa-wide sponsor of disinformation with five known regional campaigns.  The Russian and Chinese campaigns were designed to advance their geostrategic interests and shape narratives that undermine democratic processes, promote coups, stoke anti-Western and anti-United Nations sentiment, and spread confusion about climate change. Other important sponsors of disinformation campaigns were the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.